Thursday 4 February 2016

Review: Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

She’s more gunpowder than girl—and the fate of the desert lies in her hands.

Mortals rule the desert nation of Miraji, but mystical beasts still roam the wild and barren wastes, and rumor has it that somewhere, djinni still practice their magic. But there's nothing mystical or magical about Dustwalk, the dead-end town that Amani can't wait to escape from.

Destined to wind up "wed or dead," Amani’s counting on her sharpshooting skills to get her out of Dustwalk. When she meets Jin, a mysterious and devastatingly handsome foreigner, in a shooting contest, she figures he’s the perfect escape route. But in all her years spent dreaming of leaving home, she never imagined she'd gallop away on a mythical horse, fleeing the murderous Sultan's army, with a fugitive who's wanted for treason. And she'd never have predicted she'd fall in love with him...or that he'd help her unlock the powerful truth of who she really is.

Wow now this has been a total breath of fresh air. Deep in the desert is where Amani grew up. In a world where you are already worth nothing when born a girl, she has even less. Living with her auntie and uncle because she has no parents of her own. But she is different. She doesn't want to get married, she wants so much more for herself.

The small desert village has a factory, one that produces guns and gunpowder and Amani knows exactly how to use one. To get away from that village and into the big city her mother spoke of she pretends to be a boy and enters a shoot out. But things don't go as planned and she looses the money she invests. However this is where she meets Jin for the first time.

Soon after she finds herself having to hide Jin from the military in her uncles shop, because of this she finds herself and her friend in danger. Jin saves her and they run away together. From that point on they find themselves on different adventures through the endless desert, with the deserts magic, djinni's and ghouls. But is there much more to Jin then meets the eye? Who is he really and what is he hiding?

Eventually Amani finds herself among the Rebels, now she will have to choose if she wants to go on by herself or join their rebellion. Whichever way she will go, what will she discover about herself on the way? 

I am so so excited about this book. It's so different from anything I have ever read before. I loved the desert and all its magic. The world building has been incredible and the character are superb. I love when a book in this genre can still surprise me. The Characters are so well thought out. Most of all I am in love with Jin. He goes to this mysterious Bandit to so much more. But we can't forget Amani. What a strong young lady, one that has a dream and wants to go and make it happen by herself.

What is absolutely jaw dropping is that this is Hamilton's debut!! What great writing, I am certainly a new fan. If this is what the debut novel looks like, I cant wait to read what comes next from Hamilton.

And hellooooo beautiful cover, I think I am in love! This cover would stand out on anyones bookshelf. I know for a fact I would have picked it up even without knowing about this book before.

I couldn't finish it quick enough. So many great thinks have happened and the best of all... it seems like there will be more books to come. All in all this has been an incredible read.

Stunning, Magical and absolutely unforgettable.

Thank you to Net Galley for granting my wish. I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Rebels of the Sands is out today, 4th February in the UK and 8th March in the USA.  

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