Tuesday 2 February 2016

Review: Another Love by Amanda Prowse

In the early years of their love affair, Romilly was happy. She had worked hard for her stunning, modern house in one of Bristol's most fashionable suburbs. She adored her gorgeous, gap-toothed daughter and her handsome, kind husband. Sure, life was sometimes exhausting - but nothing that a large glass of wine at the end of the day couldn't fix.
And then a new neighbour arrived and everything unravelled. A glass of wine became a bottle; one bottle became two. Romilly's family were once everything to her. Now, after years of hiding the drinking, she must finally admit that she has found another love...

This has been a really emotional one. Most of the book is from the perspective of Romilly and some bits from the perspective of her daughter, who remembers her childhood. Romilly has it all, the perfect husband, a great job, a nice big house and a beautiful little daughter. And still she finds herself often with a glass of wine in her hand. At first you don't think much of it, because we all have a glass of wine here or there, right? But unfortunately, an occasional glass soon isn't enough for Romilly.

We see her falling deeper into alcoholism with every passing chapter. Often acting out or even neglecting her daughter. Her new friend and neighbour isn't helping either, making things rather worse. We experience her fight to get better and we see her lowest times.

What is even more heart breaking was reading the daughters point of view. Her very painful memories of her mother and how everything affected her.

How far does one have to fall before they realise they need help?

This has been a very devastating and heart breaking read. Its not something I would usually pick out but I was very much hooked from the start. The author has described alcoholism in such a real, raw and painful way it was making me incredible sad for this women and her family. It opened my eyes and reminded me that this is an illness, an illness that could happen to anyone. It doesn't matter if you have a nice and fulfilled life or not.

Watching this family fall apart was breaking my heart. In this the husband has been an absolute hero and my favourite character. Amazing!

From the first page I couldn't put this book down, tissues at the ready at all times. Emotional, heart breaking, captivating and raw. I rather enjoyed it a lot.

I did however almost expect a different end, so when this one came I was a little: oooooh! But I wont spoil that one for you.

Thank you to Amanda and Simeon Prowse for my proof copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

Another Love will be published in hardcover on the 11th Feb! 

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