Thursday, 24 March 2016

Review: Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel by Jane Costello


'LEARN TO SALSA DANCE,' the card in the shop window read. 'Experience the red-hot vibes of Latin America right here in the Lake District. Beginners and singles welcome.'

Lauren Scott lives in 'The most romantic place in Britain', but her love life is about as successful as her mountain climbing skills. The man she's obsessed over for two years has proposed to someone else - and her only solution is to save up for six months to go travelling, so she never has to set eyes on him again.

But when her friends sign her up for a dance class - in the same historic hotel where her beloved dad worked and her most precious childhood memories were formed - Lauren makes a horrifying discovery. It's been sold to a faceless budget chain, which has depressing plans in store. Worse, the entrepreneur behind it all turns out to be among a group of guys her friend Cate roped in to join the very same salsa class they've signed up for....

This book is following Lauren who together with her two friends is single, not by choice I might add, she is head over heels in love with someone at work. Someone she cant have because he is getting married. So instead she is dreaming of going to Australia, saving every penny for her dream trip. Things begin to change for her when she is being dragged to a salsa lesson at the Moonlight Hotel. A place that holds many of her memories with her father. There she hears that the hotel is being sold and completely changed. This makes her rather upset and rather passionate about the place.

When she comes face to face with the new owner she cant help but tell him what she thinks of his plans. Things also change with Edwin, the man she has been in love with for like, ever. Newly single he tries to convince Lauren to join her on a life changing trip. But is this really what she wants?

I really enjoyed this book, even tho I don't often read a good chick lit. I am very glad that in this case I got the  chance to get into this story. This is a really feel good book, with lots of funny bits in it that will make you laugh out loud. I have enjoyed all the character in in, but Lauren most of all. She is a very loyal friend and oh so clumsy. The story is flowing nice and slow without getting boring. It also touches on some rather serious matters. But its filled with romance and drama. I could sort of see from the start where the story is going to end, but that didn't take away any of the fun and still had enough little surprises to keep it interesting.

All in all this has been a very enjoyable read, my first one of Jane Costello's books and I really need to get me some more now. If you wanna have a smile on your face while reading then this is the one for you. Its funny, heart warming, beautiful and will make you want to visit the lakes.

Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel is out TODAY!!

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