Monday, 12 September 2016

Review: Girl Detached by Manuela Salvi


Aleksandra has issues with her voice. Stress makes her stutter, and her life is one of stress. She can only speak clearly on stage, freed by the words of the character she plays. Then, when Aleksandra befriends her new neighbour Megan, and through her meets charming, handsome Ruben, it seems she has discovered a doorway into a different world, and a different Alek. But Ruben wants Aleksandra to play a particular role for him, and it is one that will come close to destroying her.

Let me tell you this one was a little bit of a shocker, I didn't see it coming at all. I have now heard that in Italy, I believe, this book is now banned. It is very controversial and jaw dropping. At this point i usually tell you what this story is about, but I wanna be careful because I don't want to spoil the shock factor. This is the story of Aleksandra, she is a good girl, a quiet girl, she acts in a theatre because it is the only time she doesn't stutter. Aleksandra grew up with her Grandma, but when she passes away she finds herself at her estranged mothers home with a new stepdad and a new little brother. Aleksandra befriends the neighbour Megan, a girl pretty much the opposite of her. But Megan takes her in, introduces her to her friends and takes her to parties, that is where she meets the amazing Ruben. But all is not how it seems with her new friends and Ruben. Aleksandra is pulled into a completely different and shocking world, one that will change her and one that has the power to destroy her.

I know there is many things you will be imagining now about Megan, Ruben and this new world that Aleksandra has been pulled into. But I promise you, what really happens is not on your list. I was gobsmacked. It did take me a little to get into this book, but I am glad I did stick with it, it was soooo worth it. Once I realised what was going on my jaw has dropped. It took me by surprise and genuinely shocked me. But I couldn't put this down. It also opened my eyes and broke my heart. Because I know that all this is possible. Gosh I wanted to punch some of the characters so much.

I went through so many different emotions most of all when it comes to Aleksandra, I went from disliking her, to loving her, to wanting to shaker her and even to admire her. She develops so much through the story it was a pleasure to get to know her.

This story can really teach us something, esp young girls. Never change who you are for anyone and don't ever do anything you don't feel comfortable with.

This book will get you talking, it will make you swear and I can't say it enough but it will shock you. This was impossible to put down once I got into it and it will be impossible to forget.

Thank you to the lovely ladies at the Bucket List stand at YALC for my copy.

Girl Detached will be published on 15th September.

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