Thursday, 8 September 2016

Review: Children of Icarus by Caighlan Smith


It is Clara who is desperate to enter the labyrinth and it is Clara who is bright, strong, and fearless enough to take on any challenge. It is no surprise when she is chosen. But so is the girl who has always lived in her shadow. Together they enter. Within minutes, they are torn apart forever. Now the girl who has never left the city walls must fight to survive in a living nightmare, where one false turn with who to trust means a certain dead end."

Oh just look at this cover! Its amazing isn't it? And it's the reason I really wanted to love this book, but it just didn't happen. So we have a girl with a name we don't know who alongside her friend Clara is chosen to enter the labyrinth. Believing that if they find their way out of it, they will become angels. But what they find in the labyrinth is very far from angelic. Within the labyrinth the girl is taken in by  a group of other people who have been there surviving for some time. On arrival she gets caught up in a lie, one she cant seem to escape and could get her into even more trouble.

This was way to close to the Maze Runner for me, well I actually really liked that one, but i couldn't make friends with this one. I couldn't connect to the main character no matter how hard I tried and some parts I found almost uncomfortable to read. The concept of this story should be a hit, it sounded incredible and way up my street. There was just something that didn't work for me. While it was in a way, interesting enough to finish I cant say I enjoyed the ride.

I tell you what i really liked tho, the world the girl and Clara came from, so much more then the labyrinth. What a unique idea, I genuinely would have loved to read more about it.

I also felt that there was this huge build up all the way through the book, but a grand finale never came for me. More then anything it left me puzzled.

Great concept, superb idea but failed to deliver.

Thank you to Georgia and Curious Fox for my copy.

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