Monday, 14 December 2015

Don't Be Afraid by Daniela Sacerdoti

When you've forgotten how to live, help can arrive in mysterious ways… Successful artist Isabel Ramsay has never come to terms with the tragic death of her mother. Haunted by what happened, Isabel finds her own life spiralling out of control until, one winter’s day, she gives up, unable to bear the pain of living any longer. Yet somehow she wakes up, remembering a vision of a mysterious woman who has saved her. But alone in a locked house, surely that’s impossible? With her family and friends worried out of their minds, her husband Angus finds a companion to watch over Isabel while he's away from home. Warm, wise Clara can connect with Isabel in a way no one else can, helping her face up to her painful past, rediscover her passion for art and become brave enough to live her life again. But there’s a mystery surrounding Clara: who is she, and why does Isabel feel she’s known her all her life? Don't Be Afraid is a beautiful, life-affirming story of how even the most difficult struggles can be overcome and how help can arrive in mysterious ways.

I will be completely honest, as a total lover of beautiful covers I wouldn't normally have picked this one up. But I jumped at the opportunity to review this and I am glad I did.

This book is about Isabel/Bell who is currently suffering from depression. Once a woman full of laughter and life she now is to afraid to leave the house or let anyone in. The story starts at her worse time possible, with Isabel trying to take her own life. But while doing so she sees a women in her house, which is impossible isn't it? She survives the attempt, just barely. While in hospital she promises her husband she will finally start taking her medicine, if only he doesn't have her looked after by some strangers at all times. Once back at home her Husband Angus looks for someone to look after his wife, while he is away working. Clare is new to the village and Isabel's brother in law has the feeling she is the right person to look after her. So Clare, once a midwife and nurse, is hired but will Isabel allow her to come into the house? Surprisingly even for Isabel Clare just feels right. She lets her into the house and into her life. Slowly confiding in her about her fears and her past. 

There is just one thing she is hiding from both her husband and Clare...

But who is Clare really? Is there much more to her then meets the eye? 

This book was so beautiful. Very touching and eye opening. We forget that depression is a real illness. One that takes over our life's and body until we are almost unrecognizable. 

It was so heartbreaking to see Isabel struggle with every day life, to see her fight her demons. Things we take for granted like talking on the phone to our friends and family. We get to see what goes on in her mind and slowly uncover where her fears come from.

Isabel is an incredible character. It's amazing to see her slowly going in the right direction. Step by step. Knowing that she wants to get better and not only for her husband but for herself too. She misses being able to draw and work. And she always feels guilty for making her husband suffer most of all.

Her husband is just amazing in all of this. It's the sort of man we all dream about. Even tho he finds himself doubting his decisions at times, he is an absolute rock and totally in love with his wife. No matter what, he stands by his wife.

Clare is exactly what Isabel needs. She cheers her up when her moods get bad. She is a friend a listener and carer all in one. And she is so much more then meets the eye.

This book almost reminded me slightly of Mary Poppins, Clare turning up just when she is needed the most and nothing else seems to help. 

It's a heartbreaking and at the same time heartwarming story that has this beautiful magical twist. I have found myself wishing Isabel a full recovery all the way through. 

It's not my usual kind of book. But I did thoroughly enjoy it. Even tho this is the 4th book in the Glenn Avich series, you don't need to have read the other 3 to understand this one. I believe they all happen in the same place but they are all stories about different women. 

Thank you so much Black & White Publishinh for providing me with the ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. 

This book will be released 14th January 2016! 

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