Friday, 15 January 2016

Review: Unfortunate Souls by Jade M. Phillips

My name is Ruby Carter. I was a normal teenage girl who only wanted what every other teenage girl wanted- love and acceptance. But when my parents revealed a painful secret I couldn’t accept, and my boyfriend broke up with me the night before my eighteenth birthday, I turned into something beyond average. Betrayed and broken, I tore off in my car, into the storm, and straight toward my death. I was sucked into a dark and terrifying world I never knew existed, changing my life forever. That’s when I met him…

My name is Guy Stone. I’ve been told I have no heart- a cold, ruthless killer. And I liked the perception others gave me for it allowed me to shut out my past and focus on hunting down every last Unfortunate Soul, seeking my revenge. But the night I found her lying amongst the flames of the battle, helpless and confused, I caved, finding myself drawn to her dark innocence, unable to follow the rules. And by that one decision, not only did my life change forever, but I found myself falling for the one thing I despised the most: A vampire. My enemy. An Unfortunate Soul.

This book starts with Ruby's worse day, she just finds out her dad isn't her biological father. And to top it off her boyfriend and best friend brakes up with her. Totally devastated and upset she drives her car and crushes in a storm. The crash is meant to be fatal. But Ruby wakes up, convinced she just died. Instead she wakes up turning into a vampire.  By her side is a man, Guy. Guy is a Fuse soldier who hunts vampires and the likes. But Ruby isn't fully turned yet, and he just can't bring himself to kill her. Instead he runs off with her so his fellow soldiers can't kill her. Also he really can't imagine why, he wants to protect Ruby.

Two people who should be complete enemies find themselves drawn to each other. Saving each other. Ruby's world is turned completely upside down, she can't go back home now, she can not stay with Guy, where can she go? What will happen to her now? 

Soon they discover she isn't your normal vampire, once she is fully turned she doesn't turn into a killing monster, quite the opposite. She doesn't feel the need to kill humans or drink their blood. Slowly they discover more and more about Ruby. 

Guy wants to drop her off to safety before he can return to his post as captain in the FUSE. On their way the encounter many adventures and fights.

But why is Ruby so different? Who has turned her into a vampire? And will Guy and Ruby be able to part? 

There is so many different books about vampires, all with their own twists. And this one doesn't disappoint, adding something new to vampirerism once again. I really enjoyed the characters in this, a compassionate vampire, Ruby is just totally adorable. And Guy is very mysterious and dreamy. 

It may not be a earth shattering book that will haunt me forever but I totally enjoyed the book. I am a sucker for anything paranormal and I just eat this stuff up. It had a fab surprising ending that leaves you wanting more. I for one can't wait to read the next book in this series, Broken Souls. 

It was very well written and flowed perfectly.

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